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creating jobs here at home. we should take a balanced approach. those cuts, plus revenue increases. i do not think it is a right that someone like mitt romney who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars should pay a 13 or 14% effective tax rate when our small businesses and firefighters and teachers pay more than that. >> we think this is a very important question. we'll be asking the same question of you, representative wilson. >> rather than asking you about spending cuts, are there any tax increases or other revenue raisers you would support? why or why not? >> what is fascinating is that the congressman was asked what spending cuts he would support. what he talked about was tax increases. i think that his balanced approach is to raise spending and raise taxes. i think we have a serious spending problem in washington. we do not have a taxing problem in washington. the difference between us is i believe we can get rid of a lot of the special provisions in the tax code. i think we should extend all the current tax code for the next year and spend the next year simplifying the tax code
even think about voting for romney or any of those republicans. the republicans think women are second-hand citizens. did not even want you to make the same money they make they do the same job. want to legislate their bodies. my mother was a wonderful woman. but they must think their mothers are dumb. host: why is elizabeth warren the right person for the job? caller: because she is a lady, she is a woman. i trust women in politics much more than men. host: how would you address scott brown's term in office? caller: empty suit. he just looks good. caller: curtis. host: tell us where you are looking on the senate race caller: george allen all of the way. the first time i was voting i voted for reagan. i always go straight republican. i want to get george allen back in there. we have to undo the mass that barack obama has done to this country over the past four years. i have been waiting for this, just waiting. basically what i want to say is like one of the first caller said, i cannot understand why anybody who is in poverty or the lower echelons, even lower middle-class, would vote fo
. the present president. >> he is doing the job the president should be doing. >> reporter: two of the president's top allies vice president joe biden and former president bill clinton kept up the fight against governor romney. focusing on an ad the romney campaign is airing in ohio that claims mr. obama -- >> sold chrysler to italians who were going to build jeeps in china. >> it is an absolutely false assertion! >> reporter: now we will see the president today at some point to talk about the storm. overnight he called new york governor andrew cuomo and new jersey governor chris christie and new york mayor michael bloomberg. he also signed disaster declarations for new york and new jersey. as for the campaign well it is still on hold. the president, however, remains visible. still with the race as close as it is, there is going to be a lot of catching up to do in the last few days before the election. and nobody really knows how that's going to work. >> one week from today we will know. >>> governor mitt romney shifting his schedule because of the storm
think mitt romney has been pretty straightforward on where he is going to be focusing his presidency in terms of the five-point plan to get america going again and rebuild and bring 23 million jobs. regarding dodd-frank there were good ideas in there but it needs to be reworked. the whole concept of going in and legitimate miesing the too big to fail bank should concern all americans. so there is definitely some changes that need to be made in that piece of legislation. host: next up is kenneth from north carolina on our line for democrats. caller: good morning. i appreciate you taking my call. i've already taken advantage of the early voting. i voted for obama and i'd like to say that the president he's done a lot of things the best he could. i hear the people say he made promises however the kind of work that he had based on all the information that you heard the first two years that it was predominantly democratic, he had those two years to work and that was very hostile considering where the country was at in those two years. but this is a president who has proven to be for all p
some storm-related events. is there any possibility that governor romney may go to new jersey to tour some of the damage with you? >> i have no idea, nor am i the least bit concerned or interested. i've got a job to do here in new jersey that's much bigger than presidential politics and i could care less about any of that stuff. i have a job to do. i've got 2.4 million people out of power. i've got devastation on the shore. i've got floods in the northern part of my state. if you think right now i give a damn about presidential politics, then you don't know me. >> brian: i got to ask you, do you have enough firefighters and rescue people? are you asking for help from other states at this point if people are watching electric a state that's not affected, can they -- is there a place for them to go if they have the skills you need? >> sure. we are getting a lot of help. governor daniels from indiana sent us 22 fully staffed ambulances to help us move folks out of hospitals. they needed to be evacuated. i can't thank him enough. governor walker provided assistance to us as well. if there
and executed under the barack obama team. an estimated 160,000 of them wouldn't have jobs if the government wouldn't have stepped in with loans. the reason that it comprised one-half of joe biden's two-line campaign slogan for election and why romney tried to race away from the position at the time he held at the time of the crisis, to let the auto industry go through a free fall bankruptcy. now, i supported the auto rescue at the time. i think it's been well handled by the obama administration. there's something more bizarre that after the first term, the president ended the war in iraq, passed landmark reform and a health care bill that is the most significant piece in year, a bill that gives each american access to health insurance for the first time. after all that, the president's re-election would come to rest at the execution of a package initiated by george w. bush in the last days of his time in office. imagine getting in a time machine and going back to the mall in 2009 and telling people in a crowd of more than 1 million, the man about to get sworn in would see his re-election hi
or arguably legitimate. let me follow up with that question. do you think mitt romney should release his tax records? dold: i do. schneider: i think this is an issue of trying to avoid the real challenges we face as a country. we need to have a conversation focusing on jobs and our education system back to leading the world, focusing on making sure we bring manufacturing and health care. >> moderator: let's open the conversation with this question in congressman's dold do you believe the tax cuts for the wealthy stimulate the economy? dold: i believe in keeping tax rates low will be helpful. president obama 2010 said in a fragile economy we should not be raising rates. that is when the economy was growing at 3.5%. the economy today is growing at 1.5% and they had to readjust it to 1.3%. as my opponent and previous debate how raising taxes would help more people get employed and how would help small businesses that are struggling right now to make ends meet. how it would help them hire that next individual and frankly t
the people that mitt romney and robbie davis ignored. those that are not corporate bigwigs. people like single moms who are talking their kids into bed before they go off to work their second job at a third shift in the middle of the night. people who wind up in my emergency department at work hard all her life. they don't have enough money for all of their prescriptions and they wound up taking their blood pressure pills every other day to make sure that they are not having a stroke. and people like the construction workers who have been out of work for so long. those who are wondering how they were going to pay their bills. i'm running for the college student here who are burning the midnight oil, trying to get good grades, knowing that they are coming out of school with a 50% chance of finding a job in and a mountain of debt. these people can't afford the high-priced washington lobbyists. they're not part of the system. they need to know they have someone fighting for them in washington dc and someone who will provide him with a voice. i look forward to being a voice. i don't own and
that misleads on facts. nice way of saying complete lies. romney ships jobs to china. mitt romney's bain capital outsourcing jobs to freeport. sensata technologies. i love this. someone sent me the obama gear. the difference between obama and romney obama's gear and buttons made in america. romney's gear and buttons made in china. >> here's a little one. eight days to go. he hasn't released his taxes. no one is talking about that for the first time in modern presidential history he's not going to do it. there would be lots of things in there. i think that this election started with 47% of the country one way and 47% of the country the other way. there wasn't going to be that much movement. the thing that's discouraging to me and again going back to this video we made is just how many people i know who are progressives who have progressive views on some of the issues are really seriously considering this -- considering romney. i think it is really important for us as we know people who sort of have similar social views t
were saved as a result of that rescue and for mr. romney to put out ads about jobs going to china, when you have general motors coming out with a statement, you may have seen their statement that said basically -- this is a quote -- clearly entered some parallel universe during these last few days so the companies are just outraged by these comments. >> stephanie: yeah. representative he went on to say no amount of campaign politics at its cynical worse will -- [ inaudible ]. have you ever seen car companies get into the middle of a campaign like this but i feel like they almost have to. >> yeah they have to. they want to stay out of partisan politics but they can't allow these -- these lies to go forward, particularly when they are so outrageous, and as they say, politics in the most cynical form which is unfortunate there someone who is running for-president. this goes to the very character of the individual. >> stephanie: thank you. that is the word there. they said their comments don't refute anything in oured a -- here we go again, it is carefully in th
the democrats lie from time to time and i have to call it even but it ain't even! so mitt romney is in a lot of trouble in states like ohio because he wanted to let detroit go bankrupt and there is a lot of jobs that were affected in ohio. and those folks might not have jobs if we went in mitt romney's direction. s what's he going to do before the election? he's going to have highly deceptive ads running in ohio like this one about chrysler. >> announcer: barack obama said he saved the auto industry but for who? ohio or china? under president obama g.m. cut 15,000 americans jobs. but they're planning to double the number of cars built in china which means 15,000 more jobs for china and now comes word that chrysler plans to start making jeeps in china. >> cenk: wait a minute! president obama saved all of those jobs in ohio and michigan and all across the country! they're turning the truth on its held. oh, jeep is not making -- they're make the jeeps in china. don't take my word for it. go to jeep. they said...
ads that they are doing to counter that. that their calculation has been that romney's play will backfire in ohio concentrated in northeastern ohio -- this is one out of eight jobs and their calculation is that people employed directly or indirectly by the industry feel the auto bailout was good from them. >> bill: we talked so some people from ohio -- they are getting calls to their congressional office saying i work for this chrysler -- is my job going to be gone? you know or they are calling the chrysler leadership saying are you closing down this plant? >> i don't mean to take the cup out, we'll know on tuesday, right, whether or not i worked in ohio, but this play for the hearts and minds of auto workers has been the central play in ohio. it's really not just workers but auto workers and industry workers -- what the obama surrogate said yesterday, and what they both said was, they think this is going to be back fire. on the other hand if the obama campaign wasn't worried about it, they wouldn't have top surrogates in both states doing phone cal
go on and on about what a great job he's doing, i mean even when mitt romney is caught on tape, reggie, you go it is all about him talking about how he's going to win and be president and the politics of it. i think you've just got the feeling that it isn't about that with president obama. >> i think you're spot on. i think mitt romney obviously ran bain capital for several years. one of my college teammates goes to church with mitt romney which is a little awkward for me. >> stephanie: awkward. [ laughter ] >> and you know, i think -- you know, mitt romney sort of looks at this as like a business. and i think there is a certain level of looking at running -- there is a certain part of running the american government in this country that is business-like. but there is no business element to figuring out how to help people who are upside down on their mortgages going through a refinancing program, there's no business side to trying to figure out how to make america the most competitive place for students and for our
in "the war room." >> this isn't a date. these are people's jobs. these are people's lives. >> only four days to go until the election and the final push begins. team obama and team romney crisscross the country making their case and trying to pick up every last swing state vote they can. the ground game working around the clock. the air game, in carpet bomb mode. the surrogates, surrogating. two men, four days, and the future of our country at stake. if you're scared, get a dog. >> jennifer: first things first. let's get you up-to-date from the aftermath of hurricane sandy. today new york city announced it will not hold it's annual marathon after complaints that it would drain resources from emergency responders. one of the biggest problems facing the area has been a major gas shortage with many of the stations that are out of power or out of gas or both. today the federal government turned to the defense department to deliver 24 million gallons of extra fuel and lift restrictions on deliveries by foreign ships. governor andrew cuomo waved taxes on fuel tangors. in new jersey governor c
, chris. sleeping on the job. >> stephanie: another episode of mitt romney vampire. >> hest tells us that willard mitt romney ran for president in 2012 but history doesn't tell the whole story. >> vampires are not people, my friend. i'm here to turn the living dead into a living nightmare. >> mitt romney. vampire hunter. >> we're taking off your head. this ax is just the right height, my friend. >> he ran for president for four score and seven years. >> vampires have any experience running a business. >> mitt romney. vampire hunter. shall not perish. from the earth. [ laughter ] >> that's hysterical. is that all you jim? >> stephanie: that was rocky mountain mike. >> oh, god. la la, la. i didn't know you had halloween hits. that was actual mitt romney vampire hunter. where is the halloween music damn it? >> stephanie: karla in idaho. >> caller: hi. >> stephanie: hi, go ahead. >> caller: i had to call in because i remember watching elvira when i was living in what is now west hollywood and i would come ho
Search Results 1,100 to 1,115 of about 1,116 (some duplicates have been removed)